I haven't had my hair cut professionally in about ten years, so choosing a barber shop was kind of a difficult task. After reading the reviews and viewing the pictures, I decided to give it a try. When I walked in I immediately felt comfortable. My favorite music is psychobilly and rockabilly, and the atmosphere of this barber shop somewhat matched it. I filled out the sign in sheet, sat down for 1 second and was called back to a chair by Dez. My fiancé had a very specific hair cut in mind, and Dez handled it. She did a nice clean cut, straight razored my neckline, styled my hair, trimmed my beard, and provided me with overall EXCELLENT customer service. I walked out feeling tip top, and my lady just as satisfied as I am! Lol. It's safe to say I have found my new barber shop and barber Dez.

Robert Estrella,

Excellent babrbershop. Superior in cleanliness, excellent in customer service, comparable to no other shop in terms of top quality, immaculate haircuts. I went for the first time yesterday and am 100% satisfied with my cut and barber, he did an excellent job on my 1.5 year old son as well. Even though the kid wasnt having it haha. I have definetly found my new regular barber and shop

Luis R. Ramirez,

I love this place. Period. They take such pride in their work and they take great care of my haircut. Natalie or Jessica are my go to barbers.

Michael Keller,

This was not just a haircut. This was art. My son's ears hurt due to built up water pressure ^~amp; is due for surgery tomorrow to have tubes put in. He is 4 ^~amp; hates getting his hair cut because it's hurts his ears. They did such a great job at caring for that sensitivity. This wasn't a typical haircut either. Gentlemans cut, with a hard part. Thank you!

Ginger Snap,

It has been many years since I've let someone even get near my naturally curly hair...Monique's page crossed my newsfeed, intrigued me, and I made the call!...I am so glad I did because I received one the very best cuts and color/balayage I've ever had. I am very happy with the quality service, skill, and friendly staff...I've already been back twice for touch up and the fact that I actually came back is a testimony to Monique's skill! If I am not happy I never come back AND I just over the counter box dye my hair myself. So THANK YOU Monique!!...you are the best and you've certainly earned my trust and business!

Odessa Red,